Do You Have Bad Mom Syndrome?

I wonder if too many of us have “Bad Mom Syndrome.”
No, it’s not from watching the movie.  Actually it might be featured there, but I haven’t watched it since I don’t need access to even more wacko ideas.

Ha! Just trying to keep it together here.

But because you are probably short on time, as a mom,  I’ll get right to it: it’s that place of constant guilt.  The imagination that you are a bad mom for juggling different things instead of having hyper focus ALL. THE. TIME.


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You Are Not a Bad Mom

Juggling lots of different things does not make you a bad mom.
In fact juggling was probably created for us to manage, expressly because we manage so many different things, well.

Repeat after me:

You are not a bad mom for working.
You are not bad at work because of your focus as a mom.
You’re not alone.  The struggle is real.
In a past career in the military, I saw many friends have to choose, one or the other. In my units, I saw zero examples of a woman making it work.  
What? I’m being honest.
So when MY time came to choose, I told myself, I could stay in and be an example, or I could get out.
I always envisioned myself as a pioneer, but at that time I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t be the example. I got out of the military. 
For me, for my tiny family, the choice was clear – but many of my friends, working in and outside the home, still struggle daily with this pull. And I sometimes do, too.

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Early Beginnings

I feel like this guilt starts early.  We live in a culture that is geared toward “either/or.” Early on in life, we are asked this question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and it’s so limiting.

Like we can only be or do one thing!

It limits God. It also limits His time.

It limits us to think we are only productive only AFTER – after we’ve grown up, or after something else is accomplished… why?

It’s madness to think that not finishing everything we juggle is a sign of a bad mom!  You can relax! You were made for many things. 

It’s my belief that this seemingly harmless elementary school question limits us as a culture.  It certainly causes confusion among parents searching for “their one thing.”
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Rewording Life

So I rephrase that question, from “What do you want to be when you grow up?” to
“What are you called to be or do RIGHT NOW?”
You can ask that of children and they know their contribution matters NOW.
You can ask that of grown adults who feel that any career change is a midlife crisis.

In this question, change is free to be change: it can be a natural movement instead.
You are free to pull from your past experience to build upon your future.

And each of your roles has built you for your next purpose.

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Moving Forward Beyond Bad Mom Syndrome

May I give you some hope: when you’re doing what you’re called to do, paid or not, from the home, from a computer, or in a brick & mortar workplace, EVERY role you play makes you better at EVERY thing else you do.
I’d love to hear from you. 
I’m making a huge assumption here, but what has been your struggle?

Alaska Cruise for Free? Yes, Please.

The second week of June, our company, Usborne Books & More, announced an incentive trip to Alaska!  This is a FREE seven day cruise with stopovers in Vancouver – which I’m super excited about, as that’s where I honeymooned!

The excursion trips are sure to be amazing too.  I’m counting on kayaking, exploring first nation culture in Alaska, and simply keeping my eyes open for bears, whales, and moose!

earn a trip to alaska

I’m so excited to earn this WITH my teammates, too.  You see, anyone who joins, ANY TIME, can start earning this trip!  You don’t need seniority or anything special to earn it – just a work ethic and the desire to share the books and this business!

Most of my business includes encouraging and equipping others with the tools they need to succeed.  It is my delight to do this. The books are awesome, we all know Usborne books rock – but the people this business attracts?  Even BETTER, can you believe it?!

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If this is something you’re thinking of working toward, let’s join forces.  I promise you that only good can come from working your business!  Check out these bonuses:
– commission
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– high quality training
– FRIENDSHIPS you won’t expect and had no idea you needed.

I’m not trying to sound trite by saying friendships.  That is hands down the best benefit of this business and I wish someone had blown through my pride years ago to show me the potential there.

The cool part is, we are all connected via our trainings and our group pages, so we connect quite often on lots of different levels, not just the business!

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PLUS, we get to see each other every year when we go to convention, and some times I get to see my friends three times a year, depending on leadership conferences and our beach training!

Yeah, I said BEACH training!!!

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Oh my friend, there is so much I could talk your ear off about, and it seems strange to say it – but ALASKA could just be your BEGINNING!!!

Adventure is in every book – but I’m here to tell you, it’s also in every book business.

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Happy Reading!

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Look!  We even get a coloring sheet tracker so our family can keep up with us as we earn our points to ALASKA!  I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!  In fact, you need to download your own READING tracker on my tab here on the page!  Tons of benefits to coloring as you READ, friends!

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The Best of 2017

I had too much fun getting my hands on books from Usborne Books & More this year.  From activity books to instant classics, there are so many to choose from that it helped me to categorize my favorites.

I have no control over publishing, but I know which books are staying put on my shelves.  Here’s a round-up of the books that I think will last through the years.

Most Likely to Induce a Snuggle:
“I Love You Hoo” by Rachel Bright
This picture book is a cute delight brimming with deep colors.  Those deep colors go hand in hand with the story.  It shows the depth of love for a child, and with a mama owl at the helm you know it’s as deep as wisdom itself.
Picture of Love You Hoo

Most Likely to Rope You In: 
“EJ 12: Hot & Cold” by Susannah McFarlane
This story about a Girl Hero is riveting from the first chapter.  With 7 other books in the series, young readers follow EJ 12 (also known as Emma Jacks), worrying about everything from mean girls to how to save the world from a melting polar ice cap.  She uses math and coding to save the world, which I believe ushers young readers into believing they can, too.
Picture of EJ12 Girl Hero Complete Library Collection (8)

Most Likely to Make a Mom-to-be Squeal in Delight: 
Garden Sounds by Sam Taplin 
I know sometimes it’s hard to know what to pick out for a friend’s upcoming baby shower.  This book is a crowd pleaser at the shower, but more importantly, it’s a baby pleaser and a mom-to-be pleaser.  The sounds are peaceful enough to encourage the mom to reach for the book when she wants to create a peaceful space reading to her new baby.
Picture of Garden Sounds

The Book That Surprised the World:
That’s Not My Unicorn by Fiona Watts
Since the 1970’s, Usborne Publishing in the UK has released 49 baby books in the “That’s Not My” series.  These books have stimulated young readers to reach out and grow with touchy-feely components and sing-songy predictability. This year, they surprised us all with the 50th release of “That’s Not My Unicorn.”  This delight continues the tradition of finding the mouse on every page, while also adding a separate dimension in the shimmering sides of the book.  I know that unicorns have been and will continue to be a source of inspiration – which is why I labeled this new release squarely as “classic” from its very first day.
Picture of That's Not My Unicorn

Most Likely to Make You Lose Track of Everything Else:
“The Mapmaker Chronicles” by A. L. Tait
Yes – the whole series!  When you factor in a humble protagonist, ships, and life and death, this fantasy series is a step into a different world.  The first books end in cliffhangers, but the entirety of each volume is nonstop excitement.  If you want to take a leap outside your world, this series is where you can forget it, too.
Picture of Race to the End of the World (Book 1)

Most Likely to Make the Long Trip to Grandmother’s Enjoyable:
The Usborne Museum Activity Book
If there’s ever a book to take for a road trip, this one is it.  This book, so unlike most on the market, makes clear that museums are sources of entertainment, too.  Activities like puzzles, coloring, and quizzes are each themed around different types of museums like fashion, technology, natural history and design.  By the time you make a museum stopover to break up your trip, your child will be excited to put their new knowledge into action.
Picture of Museum Activity Book - IR

Most Likely to Entertain for Hours: 
Fingerprint Activities Book
This is also the #1 best seller in the UK this year.  For many reasons, children will enjoy the attached ink pads to use different colors in creating their mice, caterpillars, and dinosaurs.  The guided help on each page, complete with examples, makes this a relaxed way for children to encounter art and realize all they need are their own fingers.  With this book’s help, Moms will also find the time for that quick coffee they haven’t had the chance to drink yet, too!
Picture of Fingerprint Activities

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of the year.  If this review helped you, please share.  I appreciate you!

If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Helping people find books is my favorite! These books have enlivened my home and as a distributor I have the honor of guiding friends through their choices.

And dear reader, may  2018 be your best yet!

My Fave Part of the Month

Recognizing teammates is hands down, by far, my favorite part of the month!  It’s when I get to recognize their work with Usborne Books & More for the previous month.  One of my friends is one of the hardest workers – she will do whatever it takes to meet her goals.  It’s amazing.  The other worked straight through Hurricane Irma even as it overtook her city in September.  Others took breaks for their family – sometimes we call this a pregnant pause, get it? – and I got to see them relearn some ropes and make some new connections.

It’s just so darn cool to watch teammates succeed.
Each one of these ladies, and even many not even pictured here, have incredible stories.

I’m also just amazed at the hurdles they’ve overcome.

I think of hurdles I had this past month and honestly many of them were mental.  I had just finished learning how to make a website! I felt like I earned a week off.  I also had so many ideas on how to serve my customers that I actually became even more overwhelmed.  So I narrowed my ideas down to the ones that will serve my customers best and make them happy.  I capped it off with a trip to the beach for leadership training.

September was a great month for making families and organizations BOOK HAPPY.