You Can Do It: Thank You!

I spent a bit of time at craft fairs this fall.  Oh, the people I met were EVERYTHING.
– beautiful
– nerdy
– trendy
– gregarious
– shy and
– FUN.

I LOVED craft-fairing this year! I will tell you about some of these people here in a minute.


One of the products I offered was a 30 card box of cards for $30.  They are gorgeous.  Many people fell in love with the value, AND the box, and were quite happy to have something to gift that was so beautiful and useful.

thanks and blanks june 2019

[They can actually be ordered here:]

However, one of the things I was surprised by was the number of people who said, “Nobody sends cards anymore.”
I was so intrigued by this person, Nobody!
I really wanted to meet them!
But they couldn’t pinpoint who Nobody was.

nobody, somebody, searching

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So I would ask them, “Do YOU send cards?” and of course there were varying responses. Some remembered they LOVED to, others told me stories about cards they had received in years past and what they meant to them, others snapped up the chance to gift a box.

But many were held back by this Nobody person.


I’m not sure when Nobody started dictating what one person did or wanted to do, but it made me sad that they had so much pull on individuals’ lives 🙂

Of course, I am completely joking here! I know what they were saying.  I absolutely get it.  But what I don’t get is their response to this trend.

You probably heard this from a parent, “Just because Everybody is doing it, you don’t have to.”

man jumps from to water

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Well, my friend, here’s its cousin:
“Just because Nobody is doing it, doesn’t mean you CAN’T.”

And it’s true.

YOU can do it. Plus, it’s a blast to come up with ways to say thank you.  Here’s one of my favorite ones from an 80s themed Facebook book-party I did a couple of years ago.

crimper 80s Thank you

And here’s another one I did for a book-partying friend who was totally into exercise.

woman at the gym doing exercise on the floor

I’ve since changed my biz name to “Wendy’s Happy Books” so that I wouldn’t have to keep spelling “Usborne” but you get the idea, which is…


Communication in any form is valuable.  By my scientific estimates, however, the value of a piece of snail mail is worth 10 times that of an email.

Receiving a card in the mail means someone took that time to think of you AND gave you a gift – amazing.

Plus, the value of encouragement and recognition for doing something sweet, or doing something well, simply increases the happy vibes in the world.

usborne happy wall

And we all know we need more of that.


So, don’t let Nobody rule your actions.  Let Everyone know they are Someone to you.  Send them a thank you message in some way shape or form.

If you need a corny version of it, I’m not employed by Hallmark (yet) but as my two-piece portfolio above shows, I can certainly help you out 😉

And when you need a box of cards that will save you at least 30 minutes of wandering Target and thereby $100 of ghost purchases, let me know.  They will ship within days of your order (valid for continental US).


I challenge you to send TWO thank you cards this week!

And Happy THANKING!!!!!!

Let me know your thoughts, or how it goes, in the comments below 🙂
you get a thank you oprah

—–Did you know USPS will SEND you stamps? It’s true! Here’s the direct link:

Order a box of cards here: 

I do offer a Holiday box, All Occasion boxes, and Kids Birthday Card Boxes as well:

CFAC, cards, fundraiser, holiday, thank you

Five different boxes available

I’m all about sending JOY to the world! 🙂

“Here and There” – Multicultural Awareness

I have just discovered the most amazing book for multicultural and world awareness.

I lived in West Virginia for a while as a kid, and for me, it took moving to another country to experience another culture.  And for many in those days, you had to grow up in different countries or big cities to truly experience cultures different from your own.

But now, the children’s book “Here and There” brings to your home the comparing and contrasting of the multicultural lifestyle.  At a much cheaper price, I might add, than a plane ticket.

This book will make an amazing gift for any elementary school kiddo, as well!
You can grab your copies here:
here and there

Haven’t YOU always wondered, how do people in other countries shop for groceries, go to school or work, or go on vacation?

If you are taking an international trip, use this book to increase your childrens’ awareness while you explore there!

Amazing, right!?
Grab your copies here:

Published by Kane Miller and illustrated by Greg Paprocki.

The Best of 2017

I had too much fun getting my hands on books from Usborne Books & More this year.  From activity books to instant classics, there are so many to choose from that it helped me to categorize my favorites.

I have no control over publishing, but I know which books are staying put on my shelves.  Here’s a round-up of the books that I think will last through the years.

Most Likely to Induce a Snuggle:
“I Love You Hoo” by Rachel Bright
This picture book is a cute delight brimming with deep colors.  Those deep colors go hand in hand with the story.  It shows the depth of love for a child, and with a mama owl at the helm you know it’s as deep as wisdom itself.
Picture of Love You Hoo

Most Likely to Rope You In: 
“EJ 12: Hot & Cold” by Susannah McFarlane
This story about a Girl Hero is riveting from the first chapter.  With 7 other books in the series, young readers follow EJ 12 (also known as Emma Jacks), worrying about everything from mean girls to how to save the world from a melting polar ice cap.  She uses math and coding to save the world, which I believe ushers young readers into believing they can, too.
Picture of EJ12 Girl Hero Complete Library Collection (8)

Most Likely to Make a Mom-to-be Squeal in Delight: 
Garden Sounds by Sam Taplin 
I know sometimes it’s hard to know what to pick out for a friend’s upcoming baby shower.  This book is a crowd pleaser at the shower, but more importantly, it’s a baby pleaser and a mom-to-be pleaser.  The sounds are peaceful enough to encourage the mom to reach for the book when she wants to create a peaceful space reading to her new baby.
Picture of Garden Sounds

The Book That Surprised the World:
That’s Not My Unicorn by Fiona Watts
Since the 1970’s, Usborne Publishing in the UK has released 49 baby books in the “That’s Not My” series.  These books have stimulated young readers to reach out and grow with touchy-feely components and sing-songy predictability. This year, they surprised us all with the 50th release of “That’s Not My Unicorn.”  This delight continues the tradition of finding the mouse on every page, while also adding a separate dimension in the shimmering sides of the book.  I know that unicorns have been and will continue to be a source of inspiration – which is why I labeled this new release squarely as “classic” from its very first day.
Picture of That's Not My Unicorn

Most Likely to Make You Lose Track of Everything Else:
“The Mapmaker Chronicles” by A. L. Tait
Yes – the whole series!  When you factor in a humble protagonist, ships, and life and death, this fantasy series is a step into a different world.  The first books end in cliffhangers, but the entirety of each volume is nonstop excitement.  If you want to take a leap outside your world, this series is where you can forget it, too.
Picture of Race to the End of the World (Book 1)

Most Likely to Make the Long Trip to Grandmother’s Enjoyable:
The Usborne Museum Activity Book
If there’s ever a book to take for a road trip, this one is it.  This book, so unlike most on the market, makes clear that museums are sources of entertainment, too.  Activities like puzzles, coloring, and quizzes are each themed around different types of museums like fashion, technology, natural history and design.  By the time you make a museum stopover to break up your trip, your child will be excited to put their new knowledge into action.
Picture of Museum Activity Book - IR

Most Likely to Entertain for Hours: 
Fingerprint Activities Book
This is also the #1 best seller in the UK this year.  For many reasons, children will enjoy the attached ink pads to use different colors in creating their mice, caterpillars, and dinosaurs.  The guided help on each page, complete with examples, makes this a relaxed way for children to encounter art and realize all they need are their own fingers.  With this book’s help, Moms will also find the time for that quick coffee they haven’t had the chance to drink yet, too!
Picture of Fingerprint Activities

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of the year.  If this review helped you, please share.  I appreciate you!

If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Helping people find books is my favorite! These books have enlivened my home and as a distributor I have the honor of guiding friends through their choices.

And dear reader, may  2018 be your best yet!

Reading Level Website

I am so excited about the revamping our company has undergone.  Usborne Books & More has been around since the 70s but we are keeping on trend, as well.  Tradition + Trend = T2.
Announcing – a website specifically on reading levels!  I get asked a lot about reading levels – and now we have a website with that information.  I had no idea how important reading levels were until volunteering in our school library.  Much respect to having a system encouraging children to have books on hand that are right up their alley; however, I encourage you to get books for kids that are below, at, AND above their reading level.

Books “below level” are easy and keep it fun, giving your kids confidence, familiarity, and fluency.  Ease of reading allows for smooth comprehension.

Books “at” their level help them gain skills and keep them engaged, while still giving them a challenge.  It’s combination of looking for context clues to learn, while reading fast enough to comprehend most of the material.

Books above their level make great family read-alouds. Exposure to new words and sentence formations is essential as they learn English as a written language.  Reading aloud is important to building fluency and vocabulary.  In this way, a child builds a solid foundation for future learning.  Their ability to absorb new information increases with more exposure. 

Definitely use this website for help in determining good fits for what you are emphasizing but also incorporate EASE and REACH.  Don’t forget the fun!!

Fall Ideas

Are you excited it’s FALL!?!?
In the spirit of the season, here’s a downloadable reading log for your use.  It is also located on the “Reading Resources” tab.
You can have your kiddo cut out a leaf each time they read and toss it in the air! Or, they can color it in the color they like.
What are some traditions you have for fall? usborne (3)