6 Tips for Traveling with Kids

It’s time to schedule a break.  You’ve booked your hotel, your cruise, your campground, or your AirBnB.  You’ve booked your planes, trains, or get the car maintenance completed in time to get away for a while.

Yahoo!  It’s TRAVEL TIME!  But wait – I have kids…

I’ve spent nearly my entire childhood and adulthood traveling (for pleasure and for “work”), so I can share some tips honestly.  Take it from me: you will enjoy your trip even more if you “book” your travel there and back as well!  That is, ensure you have books and activities to entertain or challenge your kids along the way.
kids in car arriving at summer vacation
Having a plan for your children’s travel experience can give you an extra source of peace so that you can fully enjoy every moment en route – not just the destination.

Here are six tips to help make your travel part of the vacation FUN.

Tip #1 – Stock!

Stock up on age-appropriate travel pads and games.  This can be through a combo of your local library and special sites brimming with kids’ books (see kids’ travel books here).

Tip #2 – Drip!

Make sure you “drip” them to your kids.  Don’t give them all at once; make sure you can swap out activities as you go.  This keeps things fresh for them, too!

Tip #3 – Fill!

Give them an empty backpack at the beginning.  Let them know that once they are “done” with a particular activity, they can put it in there.  It will be fun for them to see that progress!

Tip #4 –  Listen!

Pack at least one book on CD or download one from Audible.  This will ensure you all “read” at least one story together, making the trip even more memorable (I recommend “Paddington Bear” for ALL ages!).

Tip #5 – Connect!

Pack some extra special activities for restaurants, or encourage the use of restaurant coloring pages.  These are times for your kids to connect with you and with their siblings – make sure you REAP that time with them!

Tip #6 – Color!

Use printables to keep track of their activities if they are motivated by charts!  Assign a minute or book value to each picture – have your child color in the picture as they move forward in those minutes or books.
Here’s a special travel one my daughter and I made just for you! Simply click here for the PDF printable: Reading is Traveling
Reading is Traveling

BONUS tip!

Click on this video to peek inside some new travel books.
They can be purchased here.  travel books for kids

The books reviewed above can be purchased here.

Way to go, fellow parent!  You are six steps further along in enjoying every stop of your well-deserved vacation!

If this was helpful to you, I’d love for you to spread the word!  Post and share freely – I love helping others parents out!

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Families who have a soldier in the hospital for long-term care often incur extra hardship on top of the stress of their recovery.  If they want to be near the soldier, they often have to pay extra for lodging beyond their normal living expenses.  That is often prohibitive. As a result, the Fisher House is near and dear to my heart.  It provides lodging and meals for families for as long as it takes.
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For more information about the worthy cause, read this fantastic article. http://blog.bcbsnc.com/2017/09/fisher-house/