To Clean or Not To Clean

I love what Usborne books have done for my Shakespearean education (yes, I studied some in high school, but I was lost much of the time.  When I discovered Usborne Books & More, I may or may not have started with the illustrated version! It’s so excellent to know what the plays are about before confronted with the language).

But Shakespeare has me waxing poetic on what should be simple tasks.  For example, instead of “to be or not to be,” I’m often asking myself the following:
“To Clean or Not to Clean – that is the question!”

I would much rather read – it is truly a source of joy for me.
Nike’s “Just Do It” is not motivating me enough beyond my love of reading, to clean.

If you’re a bookworm like me, there’s good news.  I wanted to share a happy place I’ve found balancing my responsibilities with reading.  First, in an effort to change my habits, I wanted to see what triggers I have.  I realized that the cue “time to clean” actually has a reverse reaction in my head and I avoid it by working.

So I’m taking that cue and changing it by adding something I look forward to. I am making cleaning my reward by coupling it with reading.  Now when I hear, “Time to clean” in my head, I also hear, “I can read now!”

Let me explain.  Now when it’s time to clean, I grab my device and queue up a book I’m in the midst of reading.  I hit the speaker and it plays in the room.  I have truly lost track of how much time I’ve cleaned as a result!
Ice Cream Party (4)
So, I am pleased to share that cleaning and reading no longer have to be in conflict.  The question is now which place to start first.  I look forward to cleaning now, because it means I get to listen to a book WITHOUT guilt.

Like a good recipe, feel free to share if this helped you or if you think it could help someone else.

And Happy Reading,

P. S. Chip and Joanna Gaines’The Magnolia Story is a great place to start as they narrate it!
P. P. S. “To be or not to be” is from Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet”
P. P. P. S. Read your way through our Shakespearean collection here: Shakespeare selections

Reading Level Website

I am so excited about the revamping our company has undergone.  Usborne Books & More has been around since the 70s but we are keeping on trend, as well.  Tradition + Trend = T2.
Announcing – a website specifically on reading levels!  I get asked a lot about reading levels – and now we have a website with that information.  I had no idea how important reading levels were until volunteering in our school library.  Much respect to having a system encouraging children to have books on hand that are right up their alley; however, I encourage you to get books for kids that are below, at, AND above their reading level.

Books “below level” are easy and keep it fun, giving your kids confidence, familiarity, and fluency.  Ease of reading allows for smooth comprehension.

Books “at” their level help them gain skills and keep them engaged, while still giving them a challenge.  It’s combination of looking for context clues to learn, while reading fast enough to comprehend most of the material.

Books above their level make great family read-alouds. Exposure to new words and sentence formations is essential as they learn English as a written language.  Reading aloud is important to building fluency and vocabulary.  In this way, a child builds a solid foundation for future learning.  Their ability to absorb new information increases with more exposure. 

Definitely use this website for help in determining good fits for what you are emphasizing but also incorporate EASE and REACH.  Don’t forget the fun!!

My Fave Part of the Month

Recognizing teammates is hands down, by far, my favorite part of the month!  It’s when I get to recognize their work with Usborne Books & More for the previous month.  One of my friends is one of the hardest workers – she will do whatever it takes to meet her goals.  It’s amazing.  The other worked straight through Hurricane Irma even as it overtook her city in September.  Others took breaks for their family – sometimes we call this a pregnant pause, get it? – and I got to see them relearn some ropes and make some new connections.

It’s just so darn cool to watch teammates succeed.
Each one of these ladies, and even many not even pictured here, have incredible stories.

I’m also just amazed at the hurdles they’ve overcome.

I think of hurdles I had this past month and honestly many of them were mental.  I had just finished learning how to make a website! I felt like I earned a week off.  I also had so many ideas on how to serve my customers that I actually became even more overwhelmed.  So I narrowed my ideas down to the ones that will serve my customers best and make them happy.  I capped it off with a trip to the beach for leadership training.

September was a great month for making families and organizations BOOK HAPPY.

4 Ways to Earn for Black Friday

You’re invited!
We’re doing a 4 ways to earn party on Thursday, Oct 5!  See which size sweater suits you as you endeavor to have a debt free shopping season.  It’s so fun to beat Black Friday sales; but what if you could far out-earn your budget?  Come join us!  Contact me for an invitation!
Ugly Sweater Party – doesn’t get much better than this!

ugly sweater party oct


Fall Frenzy & Sale

Are you excited it’s fall?  I love all the seasons, but whenever there is a change, it’s like I come alive.  Well guess what?  Tomorrow my SHOPPING SITE comes alive, with SALES.  I would love to invite you to shop!  I have decided to LAYER the SAVINGS by offering you one of three ways to shop our FALL FRENZY!:
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