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I love this article about reading fluency: encourage your child to enjoy books BELOW their level, too! I know you never hear about that, but read why: Reading Fluency Article

Have a question about whether one of our books is an “AR” book?  Check out this resource, where you can search by title: AR Book Find Link

Do you have questions about the level of one of our series fiction books, published through Kane Miller Publishing?  Click here for a full list (and more resources!): Kane Miller Leveling

Learning to read?  Here are all my all time favorite picks, the books I’ve used for MY family.  Yes, I know some aren’t Usborne Books & More, but I want you to have as many tools as possible!  Simply click on images to learn more! [And don’t forget, the simple joy of reading stories is invaluable to your child.  They need stories and context to put all the puzzle pieces together!]

Below these pictured books is a video I put together comparing the THREE BEST Usborne Books & More reading programs. I’m excited for you to see the variety and options you have at your disposal.

If you would like to browse more reading programs, click here for our latest catalog.

teach your child to read in 100 easy lessonslisten and learn, english, readlisten and learn get ready for school


     Mem Fox, Reading Magic

abeka, reading for fun, kindergarten

Listed on Amazon and eBay.

Here’s the video where I showcase the three best reading programs from Usborne Books & More!  Enjoy!
reading programs start to read

Look!  A free downloadable!  Click below!

fall reading printable

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Click here for PDF version of Fall Printable

Short on time?  As they say, the best app is your lap.  However, kids imaginations can still be ignited when someone else is reading to them.  Ask a relative to help read aloud.  Or, here are some resources where the child can read with another voice reading the selections aloud:
Special thanks to Laura Hanan, who shared these resources in the newspaper “Paraglide,” Sep 21, 2017.