You Can Do It: Thank You!

I spent a bit of time at craft fairs this fall.  Oh, the people I met were EVERYTHING.
– beautiful
– nerdy
– trendy
– gregarious
– shy and
– FUN.

I LOVED craft-fairing this year! I will tell you about some of these people here in a minute.


One of the products I offered was a 30 card box of cards for $30.  They are gorgeous.  Many people fell in love with the value, AND the box, and were quite happy to have something to gift that was so beautiful and useful.

thanks and blanks june 2019

[They can actually be ordered here:]

However, one of the things I was surprised by was the number of people who said, “Nobody sends cards anymore.”
I was so intrigued by this person, Nobody!
I really wanted to meet them!
But they couldn’t pinpoint who Nobody was.

nobody, somebody, searching

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So I would ask them, “Do YOU send cards?” and of course there were varying responses. Some remembered they LOVED to, others told me stories about cards they had received in years past and what they meant to them, others snapped up the chance to gift a box.

But many were held back by this Nobody person.


I’m not sure when Nobody started dictating what one person did or wanted to do, but it made me sad that they had so much pull on individuals’ lives 🙂

Of course, I am completely joking here! I know what they were saying.  I absolutely get it.  But what I don’t get is their response to this trend.

You probably heard this from a parent, “Just because Everybody is doing it, you don’t have to.”

man jumps from to water

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Well, my friend, here’s its cousin:
“Just because Nobody is doing it, doesn’t mean you CAN’T.”

And it’s true.

YOU can do it. Plus, it’s a blast to come up with ways to say thank you.  Here’s one of my favorite ones from an 80s themed Facebook book-party I did a couple of years ago.

crimper 80s Thank you

And here’s another one I did for a book-partying friend who was totally into exercise.

woman at the gym doing exercise on the floor

I’ve since changed my biz name to “Wendy’s Happy Books” so that I wouldn’t have to keep spelling “Usborne” but you get the idea, which is…


Communication in any form is valuable.  By my scientific estimates, however, the value of a piece of snail mail is worth 10 times that of an email.

Receiving a card in the mail means someone took that time to think of you AND gave you a gift – amazing.

Plus, the value of encouragement and recognition for doing something sweet, or doing something well, simply increases the happy vibes in the world.

usborne happy wall

And we all know we need more of that.


So, don’t let Nobody rule your actions.  Let Everyone know they are Someone to you.  Send them a thank you message in some way shape or form.

If you need a corny version of it, I’m not employed by Hallmark (yet) but as my two-piece portfolio above shows, I can certainly help you out 😉

And when you need a box of cards that will save you at least 30 minutes of wandering Target and thereby $100 of ghost purchases, let me know.  They will ship within days of your order (valid for continental US).


I challenge you to send TWO thank you cards this week!

And Happy THANKING!!!!!!

Let me know your thoughts, or how it goes, in the comments below 🙂
you get a thank you oprah

—–Did you know USPS will SEND you stamps? It’s true! Here’s the direct link:

Order a box of cards here: 

I do offer a Holiday box, All Occasion boxes, and Kids Birthday Card Boxes as well:

CFAC, cards, fundraiser, holiday, thank you

Five different boxes available

I’m all about sending JOY to the world! 🙂

Do You Have Bad Mom Syndrome?

I wonder if too many of us have “Bad Mom Syndrome.”
No, it’s not from watching the movie.  Actually it might be featured there, but I haven’t watched it since I don’t need access to even more wacko ideas.

Ha! Just trying to keep it together here.

But because you are probably short on time, as a mom,  I’ll get right to it: it’s that place of constant guilt.  The imagination that you are a bad mom for juggling different things instead of having hyper focus ALL. THE. TIME.


timelapse and greyscale photography of woman

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You Are Not a Bad Mom

Juggling lots of different things does not make you a bad mom.
In fact juggling was probably created for us to manage, expressly because we manage so many different things, well.

Repeat after me:

You are not a bad mom for working.
You are not bad at work because of your focus as a mom.
You’re not alone.  The struggle is real.
In a past career in the military, I saw many friends have to choose, one or the other. In my units, I saw zero examples of a woman making it work.  
What? I’m being honest.
So when MY time came to choose, I told myself, I could stay in and be an example, or I could get out.
I always envisioned myself as a pioneer, but at that time I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t be the example. I got out of the military. 
For me, for my tiny family, the choice was clear – but many of my friends, working in and outside the home, still struggle daily with this pull. And I sometimes do, too.

photo of a woman thinking

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Early Beginnings

I feel like this guilt starts early.  We live in a culture that is geared toward “either/or.” Early on in life, we are asked this question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and it’s so limiting.

Like we can only be or do one thing!

It limits God. It also limits His time.

It limits us to think we are only productive only AFTER – after we’ve grown up, or after something else is accomplished… why?

It’s madness to think that not finishing everything we juggle is a sign of a bad mom!  You can relax! You were made for many things. 

It’s my belief that this seemingly harmless elementary school question limits us as a culture.  It certainly causes confusion among parents searching for “their one thing.”
girls on desk looking at notebook

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Rewording Life

So I rephrase that question, from “What do you want to be when you grow up?” to
“What are you called to be or do RIGHT NOW?”
You can ask that of children and they know their contribution matters NOW.
You can ask that of grown adults who feel that any career change is a midlife crisis.

In this question, change is free to be change: it can be a natural movement instead.
You are free to pull from your past experience to build upon your future.

And each of your roles has built you for your next purpose.

barefoot beach blur break

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Moving Forward Beyond Bad Mom Syndrome

May I give you some hope: when you’re doing what you’re called to do, paid or not, from the home, from a computer, or in a brick & mortar workplace, EVERY role you play makes you better at EVERY thing else you do.
I’d love to hear from you. 
I’m making a huge assumption here, but what has been your struggle?

The Fort Bragg Fisher House Needs Help

Recently, the Fort Bragg Fisher House reached out to the community stating that there were needs.  The Fisher House at Fort Bragg helps over 100 famlies each year.  But their bookcases are looking worn, and could look better and be equipped better to help those families.

I saw this list of needs, and because last year our fundraiser and book raiser for them was so successful, I asked if I could provide that help again.  Technically they are not allowed to say yes or no – so I thought, I will work toward this goal because I know my network is AMAZING; indeed, last year, we raised $300 in NEW books for those kids!  Want to try to bless them that way again?


The Fisher House provides help to over 100 families yearly, as they wait for their soldiers to heal at the nearby Womack Army Hospital.  Their facility is incredible.  Handicap accessible, kitchen ready for many families, a beautiful setting and even an enclosed back yard full of toys for children.


However, as we well know, books that are read well need to be updated and replaced.  So, to provide help and stories to the families at the Ft Bragg Fisher House, I am launching our book drive.  It is easy and simple.  You can become involved by doing one of two things:

1) Go to and select one, two, or even 20 books from the list you’d like to donate.  Choose “SHIP WITH ORGANIZATION” at checkout and the books ship free!  I’ll send you a huge thank you, and if you are a business, I’ll give you a shout out on social media!

2) Copy and paste this message on your social media sites because EVERY BOOK HELPS:

The Ft Bragg Fisher House takes care of more than 100 soldiers’ families each year.  Now they’re asking for our help!  You can help by selecting any books from this list and having them sent to the Fisher House free of charge. Simply click here and select “SHIP WITH ORGANIZATION” for free shipping directly to the home!

I’d love to wrap this up for them by August 15.  Please please please help us get the word out.  These soldiers’ families deserve the very best.  It is my intention to give them the very best in children’s stories – books that last longer than most – and send them love in the quality of gifts they will receive.

Thank you for supporting our soldiers!

Happy Reading,

P. S. Here’s the direct link to “My Mommy is a Hero” :
Here’s the direct link to “My Daddy is a Hero” :


VIPKID Tips: 2 Key Books for the Instructor

I was excited to learn of VIPKID, the program developed to connect English teachers with Chinese students.

I was excited because I am FOR anything that gives people financial options, which is why I joined Usborne Books & More in July 2014.

If you are here, you may know about VIPKID already, but suffice it to say, I was out of the running for it for time reasons.  I love my sleep.

Which is why my hat is off to you if you are an instructor! 🙂

Some of my book boss teammates ARE good at waking up early, though, and do this in addition to their Usborne Books & More careers, so I thought I’d ask them what books of ours they use to instruct their students.  Here was the result!

first words and dollhouse book VIPKID teacher tip

First Words and the Dollhouse Book for the win!

They use our first word books and the Victorian Dollhouse book to help their students learn more words in English.  I found that fascinating, but understandable! Here’s why.

The first word books are actually solid page format – so, not quite board book, and not quite regular pages.  This means they are easily held up to the screen a VIPKID instructor uses to do their instruction.  This ALSO means they are durable through MANY lessons.  WIN WIN!  With all of them, that’s at least 400 words to teach.  Brilliant.

The Dollhouse book contains both a book and the materials to actually construct a dollhouse, complete with characters and furniture!

This choice made sense to me after they explained it to me.  We have one of these and my children LOVED constructing it, (and reconstructing it when we moved) but I never considered that it would be PERFECT for doing instruction on FURNITURE!

Because you can actually construct the furniture and the people, they are easily held up to the screen, and used and reused.  The material used in this is durable too!

Victorian Dollhouse Usborne

I also know that as a teacher, it’s important to have variety and surprise.  Students love variety and knowing that you are a teacher who provides variety is key to keeping them excited.  Who knew you could actually hold up a couch?

If you’re interested in purchasing these for your in-home classroom, click here for the first words and here for the dollhouse book.  Of course you can always just use them for your own kids too! 🙂

I also welcome questions you may have about the options and website or affiliate link available to you when you join our literacy force as an Usborne Books & More consultant.

The 25% cash back is nice when you need a lot of teaching materials (with option to grow it to 33% cash back)!  Join us here to ask questions in a forum, or simply comment below and we’ll be in touch.

Happy reading!

If you’re reading this and just wanting your children’s book affiliate link NOW, click here.


How to Earn a FREE Alaskan Cruise

Would you enjoy some time dedicated to travel where you are NOT the driver!? Me too.  Join me on an Alaskan cruise – for free – in summer 2019.

What’s Included?

  • A 7 day inclusive cruise aboard Royal Caribbean International’s luxury cruise liner: Ovation of the Seas
  • Stylish balcony staterooms for everyone
  • Travel Allowance
  • Cocktail Receptions

The plan

We earn points for sharing our AMAZING children’s books with preschools, schools, and families in fun events.  It is such a rewarding job in the first place – and then, to have the chance to earn the trip of a lifetime, too?

  1. I am offering hostess rewards to families who are interested in feeding their children’s growing and changing interests (click here if you’d like to schedule a book party online or in-home or in-coffee-shop, that one is my fave);
  2. I will offer our fundraisers to groups and schools and individuals who have big dreams but not the big funds (yet!) – click here to request more information;
  3. I will invite precious parents who simply want MORE for their families to join my Wonder Women & Supermen team.  We are a fabulous group: you might love the resources, training, and encouragement! Click here to request more information. Click here to investigate for yourself!
  4. I will train others on how they can offer these books and this business to others as well.

After all, every cruise needs superheroes, and my team is full of them!  Look at these amazing women!  We also have men on our team – we are the Wonder Women & Supermen – join us!

alaskan cruise team pic

We found out about this trip while attending our annual national convention with Usborne Books & More.  We were in our big session and they announced their bucket lists – and is there a trip that would encompass all of those things?

They are masters of suspense!

Well, they should be, right?  We are, after all, built on stories!

Some of the bucket list items that we will be able to check off:

  • Skydive simulator,
  • Whale-watching,
  • Cruise food (ha!)
  • Exploring
  • Bumper cars on a cruise ship
  • Putt-putt
  • Roller skating
  • Trapeze lessons
  • A 360 degree view
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Casino
  • Movie theatre

If you’d like to be part of the fun, contact me here.  I’m happy to answer your questions about how this might look like in your life!

Be the superhero in your child’s life!

wonder women cape convention 2018