Summer Reading Program & Challenge

I remember distinctly the days of library visits in the summertime.  We would enjoy a little program put on by the librarians.  We would get hyped up.  Then, we would register for the summer reading program or challenge.

Swimming + Ice Cream + Reading = Delicious Summer

Reading throughout the summer is one of the joys of life!  Sharing that joy with your children makes it even sweeter.  So much progress is made in their reading development when there are only the distractions of swimming and ice cream.  It makes a great combination.

The Story Behind Our Challenge

summer reading and moving

Enjoy reading no matter where you are this summer

One day a couple of years ago, when we were moving (yet again!), I realized my kids would be missing out on the library’s summer reading program.  They could sign up for it at the current library but would not be able to complete it!  Similarly, when we moved to our new location, their library’s program would already be complete.

My solution? Construct my own summer reading program!  [If you’re ready, go ahead and register here: ]

Tracking Sheets + Pledges + Reading = Prizes

I am so excited to launch this program again this summer.  It is a HIT with my kids, and has been for several others as well (I do not have a count but I should have kept track, I know!).

Just like in reading programs you know and love, your kids will sign up and receive all the information they need to succeed!  You can sign up even if your kids can’t read yet: your reading aloud counts.  You can stage your own read aloud revival this summer!

Will you join us?

Step One: Register

Simply fill out the requisite information on this sheet! Don’t worry, it will open in a new window, so you can just hop on back! Register here:

Step Two: Join a Community

You’ll want to join our summer reading community so that you can experience the prizes and surprises along the way!  You’ll NEVER guess what the prizes are – oh wait, okay – BOOKS! 🙂  You’ll see the community links on the registration sheet – both instagram and Facebook communities are offered, so it’s up to you. Register here:

Step Three:

Start reading!  You can even start a “books we want to read” chart.

Keep track of minutes read, or minutes read aloud with our handy dandy tracker!  You know by the tracker on the right or bottom of your screen, I’m ALL ABOUT handy dandy trackers.  They make my kids so excited to get to color in shapes and track their progresss – even my 11 year old!

Step Four:

Collect pledges – these will translate into books and prizes!

Make sure the friends and family in your child’s life know he or she is reading for the summer reading challenge.  Your child collects pledges as they tell (or you tell) others the goal to read for 6 weeks.  Here’s a quick chart to show all they can earn.  You’ll also get this in your registration packet!

summer reading program and challenge rewards

The top numbers in the chart show the number of minutes read, and the bottom numbers equal amount in pledges.  Do you see all the prizes!? Like I said, BOOKS and GIFTS!! SO FUN! And tons of encouragement and freebies along the way (not featured here, but I assure you we have a blast in our community).

Ready to go for it? Register here:

Step Five:

Complete the challenge.  Snap a photo of the reading chart or charts, and then I’ll help you convert the pledges to the books and prizes.  Isn’t that awesome?!

I have to say, I never got a chance to earn free books OF MY CHOICE at the summer reading programs I did!!!

Scroll a little after this picture to see what ELSE I offer – yep, there’s a cherry on top!


WE ARE MAKING READING FUN AGAIN!  That’s my driving force.

Optional Step

I have an amazing referral program.  Share this blog post or, after you register for the program, refer a friend to the program itself.  Both of you will experience an extra freebie after registration!  I appreciate you for reading this far 🙂

After all, I’m all about reading!! And you are, too, I bet!

I’d love to see you hop on board!  Register here: