Who Would YOU Be?

One of the most amazing things about being a reading advocate for busy families is the people I meet.  Their incredibly diverse goals inspire me!  I was also recently inspired at a conference this weekend with Brenda Ster and Melissa Fietsam… and by the book “Creating Magic” by Lee Cockerell.

People join our mission for so many different reasons.  And every single person’s goals matter.

I did my very best to put what I learned there into a graphic.  I’m curious!  Which would you be? Comment below!

Short Term GoalPart Time JobSuper Saver (4)

If you have questions, hit the contact form here!  I’d love to chat about YOUR goals.  Our team members’ goals are so incredibly diverse – it’s a blessing! I even have training in place for each type of goal.

You will love equipping your family with the very best in children’s literature, as well as giving others that opportunity.

Sponsor Families with Injured Soldiers

Families who have a soldier in the hospital for long-term care often incur extra hardship on top of the stress of their recovery.  If they want to be near the soldier, they often have to pay extra for lodging beyond their normal living expenses.  That is often prohibitive. As a result, the Fisher House is near and dear to my heart.  It provides lodging and meals for families for as long as it takes.
Introducing the Ft Bragg/Fayetteville Fisher House Fundraiser.  Holy cow that’s a lot of F’s! But it’s going to be Fantastic.  We are going to bless the SOCKS off this organization that shows what hospitality is all about: giving without expectation of return.
Donors have the option of sponsoring the families with books and activities, or purchasing a card box to donate money.  Browse here for more details, or to donate directly while finding out more about fundraising, click here and scroll to the bottom.
Direct wishlist to purchase is located on my website here.  

Then select “ship with organization” so that books are shipped free of charge to the organization.

For more information about the worthy cause, read this fantastic article. http://blog.bcbsnc.com/2017/09/fisher-house/