Alaska Cruise for Free? Yes, Please.

The second week of June, our company, Usborne Books & More, announced an incentive trip to Alaska!  This is a FREE seven day cruise with stopovers in Vancouver – which I’m super excited about, as that’s where I honeymooned!

The excursion trips are sure to be amazing too.  I’m counting on kayaking, exploring first nation culture in Alaska, and simply keeping my eyes open for bears, whales, and moose!

earn a trip to alaska

I’m so excited to earn this WITH my teammates, too.  You see, anyone who joins, ANY TIME, can start earning this trip!  You don’t need seniority or anything special to earn it – just a work ethic and the desire to share the books and this business!

Most of my business includes encouraging and equipping others with the tools they need to succeed.  It is my delight to do this. The books are awesome, we all know Usborne books rock – but the people this business attracts?  Even BETTER, can you believe it?!

alaskan cruise team pic

If this is something you’re thinking of working toward, let’s join forces.  I promise you that only good can come from working your business!  Check out these bonuses:
– commission
– free books
– a home-based business with flexibility
– kids steeped in the books of THEIR choice
– high quality training
– FRIENDSHIPS you won’t expect and had no idea you needed.

I’m not trying to sound trite by saying friendships.  That is hands down the best benefit of this business and I wish someone had blown through my pride years ago to show me the potential there.

The cool part is, we are all connected via our trainings and our group pages, so we connect quite often on lots of different levels, not just the business!

wonder women cape convention 2018

PLUS, we get to see each other every year when we go to convention, and some times I get to see my friends three times a year, depending on leadership conferences and our beach training!

Yeah, I said BEACH training!!!

team leader beach retreat new consultant mindset

Oh my friend, there is so much I could talk your ear off about, and it seems strange to say it – but ALASKA could just be your BEGINNING!!!

Adventure is in every book – but I’m here to tell you, it’s also in every book business.

Contact me here and we’ll start the conversation!~

Happy Reading!

If you already know you are ready to start, let’s go!  Start by clicking here.

Look!  We even get a coloring sheet tracker so our family can keep up with us as we earn our points to ALASKA!  I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!  In fact, you need to download your own READING tracker on my tab here on the page!  Tons of benefits to coloring as you READ, friends!

coloring sheet alaska cruise

How to Earn a FREE Alaskan Cruise

Would you enjoy some time dedicated to travel where you are NOT the driver!? Me too.  Join me on an Alaskan cruise – for free – in summer 2019.

What’s Included?

  • A 7 day inclusive cruise aboard Royal Caribbean International’s luxury cruise liner: Ovation of the Seas
  • Stylish balcony staterooms for everyone
  • Travel Allowance
  • Cocktail Receptions

The plan

We earn points for sharing our AMAZING children’s books with preschools, schools, and families in fun events.  It is such a rewarding job in the first place – and then, to have the chance to earn the trip of a lifetime, too?

  1. I am offering hostess rewards to families who are interested in feeding their children’s growing and changing interests (click here if you’d like to schedule a book party online or in-home or in-coffee-shop, that one is my fave);
  2. I will offer our fundraisers to groups and schools and individuals who have big dreams but not the big funds (yet!) – click here to request more information;
  3. I will invite precious parents who simply want MORE for their families to join my Wonder Women & Supermen team.  We are a fabulous group: you might love the resources, training, and encouragement! Click here to request more information. Click here to investigate for yourself!
  4. I will train others on how they can offer these books and this business to others as well.

After all, every cruise needs superheroes, and my team is full of them!  Look at these amazing women!  We also have men on our team – we are the Wonder Women & Supermen – join us!

alaskan cruise team pic

We found out about this trip while attending our annual national convention with Usborne Books & More.  We were in our big session and they announced their bucket lists – and is there a trip that would encompass all of those things?

They are masters of suspense!

Well, they should be, right?  We are, after all, built on stories!

Some of the bucket list items that we will be able to check off:

  • Skydive simulator,
  • Whale-watching,
  • Cruise food (ha!)
  • Exploring
  • Bumper cars on a cruise ship
  • Putt-putt
  • Roller skating
  • Trapeze lessons
  • A 360 degree view
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Casino
  • Movie theatre

If you’d like to be part of the fun, contact me here.  I’m happy to answer your questions about how this might look like in your life!

Be the superhero in your child’s life!

wonder women cape convention 2018