Try a Book Biz

Do you love books?
What would it feel like to have an extra $100-$400 in your pocket each month by sharing them?
I love helping families with this business, but I love how it’s added fun and income to my family too.

family night selfie

See these happy faces? This is a family under NO minimum sales requirements. And kids who get their book wishlists fulfilled.

Available through June 30, 2018 only: the Trailblazer Kit
Get 15 books for only $6 each – 1/3 of these titles are NEW titles!
kit june 2018
Available for a limited time only.
The newly released titles in this kit are the following:
Miss Molly’s School of Manners
Never Get Bored Books
Chef Academy
You Are a Star
Slide and See Nighttime

Order your Trailblazer Kit (a best value!) here:

These all ship with FREE SHIPPING!

Here’s a photo of the 2 other kits!
Two Kit Choices
You can order either one of them here:

I can help you discover if this business is a good fit for YOUR goals – fill out this contact form and we’ll start YOUR conversation.
All ready to try this business out (and get the lovely box of books below, too)? Click here.

Again, here’s another look at what you can do:

usborne kit 2018

Earn back the cost of your kit in 2-3 events. Plus earn free books and cash along the way!

You can also visit my FAQ page to find out if this is good for you!
Please be my guest at our virtual Info Session here. Tag me so I can be available to you during the event.

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