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Do you love books?
What would it feel like to have an extra $100-$400 in your pocket each month by sharing them?  Do you miss getting recognized, either in school or in work? You can find recognition here.  Do you miss a more sizeable paycheck?  You can get that here (and as fast as you’re willing to work for it, to boot).

Look, I love helping families with this business, but I love how it’s added fun and income to my family too.  My kids get every book they’ve ever wanted.  They’ve learned more than I thought possible.  My husband and I earned the company trip to Ireland – we had NO idea we needed that!  I gained a WORK FAMILY that has become SO IMPORTANT to me – they have become my friends… ALL OVER the world.

family night selfie

See these happy faces? This is a family under NO minimum sales requirements. And kids who get their book wishlists fulfilled.

There is little risk.  You can earn back your tryout cost with a few parties.  THIS is why I’m now a proponent for direct sales (in fact – books not your thing? GO JOIN A COMPANY LIKE THIS WITH A PRODUCT YOU LOVE. Do not wait!). It is a low cost, which means a low barrier to entry, to a world where YOU create your income alongside experienced book bosses willing to help and lend a hand.  

Want to try it? AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Choose between 2 KITS!
And I’m going to add send me a note before you purchase so we can start strategically, but if you just can’t wait, then….
Choose one of these kits to get started:
kit special july 2018

Available for a limited time only.
The newly released titles in this kit are the following (but there could be more that arrive!):
Extreme Planet
That’s Not My Bee

These all ship with FREE SHIPPING!

Here’s a photo taken by a recent new teammate’s $125 kit in real life! (Thank you Danielle for sharing your pic)!

danielle july 2018 kit
You can order either kit here:

I can help you discover if this business is a good fit for YOUR goals – fill out this contact form and we’ll start YOUR conversation.
All ready to try this business out (and get the lovely box of books below, too)? Click here.

You can also visit my FAQ page to find out if this is good for you!
Please be my guest at our virtual Info Session here. Tag me so I can be available to you during the event.

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