Reading Level Website

I am so excited about the revamping our company has undergone.  Usborne Books & More has been around since the 70s but we are keeping on trend, as well.  Tradition + Trend = T2.
Announcing – a website specifically on reading levels!  I get asked a lot about reading levels – and now we have a website with that information.  I had no idea how important reading levels were until volunteering in our school library.  Much respect to having a system encouraging children to have books on hand that are right up their alley; however, I encourage you to get books for kids that are below, at, AND above their reading level.

Books “below level” are easy and keep it fun, giving your kids confidence, familiarity, and fluency.  Ease of reading allows for smooth comprehension.

Books “at” their level help them gain skills and keep them engaged, while still giving them a challenge.  It’s combination of looking for context clues to learn, while reading fast enough to comprehend most of the material.

Books above their level make great family read-alouds. Exposure to new words and sentence formations is essential as they learn English as a written language.  Reading aloud is important to building fluency and vocabulary.  In this way, a child builds a solid foundation for future learning.  Their ability to absorb new information increases with more exposure. 

Definitely use this website for help in determining good fits for what you are emphasizing but also incorporate EASE and REACH.  Don’t forget the fun!!

Book Christmas

I just opened my family’s Book Christmas.  I am so excited.
Then I thought, what if EVERYONE could have this joy?!
SO I’m offering for a limited time (through Nov 20), this special package!
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12 Books of Christmas Book Box

So much fun to have the book holidays delivered in a box!

Reading Aloud Connects You to Your Kids

Watch this video as I explain why I’m passionate about reading aloud, where I wasn’t before.  As my family grows to have less time in the day, I’ve found reading aloud is the one MUST for us.  I know it sounds impossible, but hit “play” to see why it may just become a staple for you too. It’s way more than checking the block.

Reading aloud is much more than checking the block.

Kids Working?

This weekend I made a commission board.  Hobby Lobby helped significantly, of course, but it felt wonderful to give my children the freedom to choose work.

Many of our chores are just chores we do, but the tasks I chose for them are more optional.  Cleaning a car, for example.

Hobby Lobby Commission Board

Thanks to Hobby Lobby, my kids have a commission board!

I feel like this helps us in two ways.  First, it means the money is always THERE: they don’t have to wait for momma to have time to fumble through her purse.  I’ll replenish the BOARD as I have time, not pay them as I have time.  And second, they are instilled with the idea that working gets you paid.  It doesn’t get you the promise of being paid, it gets you paid.

The effect it had was almost immediate.  They picked up a task and did it!  They couldn’t believe they got paid right away.  Their immediate satisfaction was worth the 2 hour long trip to figure out what to use at Hobby Lobby.  Ha!  Anyone else get lost in that store?

Happy educating!

P.S. Materials used:
Hobby Lobby chalkboard labels (cut to size) on
Hobby Lobby ready-made wall panel (clips and lower hooks already attached!).
Hobby Lobby craft buckets ($1.29 each) to hold the change.