Our Mission

“The future of our world depends on the education of our children. Usborne Books & More delivers educational excellence one book at a time. We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values. We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.”

Why Usborne Books & More?

We offer more than 1800 titles directly to our customers; we are a family-run business that is debt-free; we take pride in the opportunity we offer to families who are interested in running their own business; we boost teachers’ libraries, schools’ libraries, and the literacy rates of our communities.

Why is it unique?

This company is unique in that the bulk of its book sellers are not store owners, but VIRTUAL store owners.  That means, I get to work from home most of the time while earning a real income.  You can, too!  Click here for more information on what I do.

For reading resources to help your children and your reading environment, click here
For a concise read on the business, I highly recommend Eric Worre’s book “Go Pro.”
For more of my favorite business books, go to this page.

How Did I Get Here?
I’d personally avoided Direct Sales for 2 decades.  Little did I know, it is the most flexible, sensible business plan possible.  I attended my friend’s book party, and immediately recognized the value of the books – I couldn’t believe how well priced they were.  I scheduled a party, then decided to make that party my launch so that I could get the free books and the commission.  I decided to promote to Team Leader so that I could help more people and enjoy fully the flexibility this business plan offers.

The people in this photo are some treasured teammates of mine.  Let me know if you’d like me to get you in contact with one of them.  I have teammates all over the country, in fact, so if you’re looking for someone local to you, I can connect you for sure.  Send me a message here.