VIPKID Tips: 2 Key Books for the Instructor

I was excited to learn of VIPKID, the program developed to connect English teachers with Chinese students.

I was excited because I am FOR anything that gives people financial options, which is why I joined Usborne Books & More in July 2014.

If you are here, you may know about VIPKID already, but suffice it to say, I was out of the running for it for time reasons.  I love my sleep.

Which is why my hat is off to you if you are an instructor! 🙂

Some of my book boss teammates ARE good at waking up early, though, and do this in addition to their Usborne Books & More careers, so I thought I’d ask them what books of ours they use to instruct their students.  Here was the result!

first words and dollhouse book VIPKID teacher tip

First Words and the Dollhouse Book for the win!

They use our first word books and the Victorian Dollhouse book to help their students learn more words in English.  I found that fascinating, but understandable! Here’s why.

The first word books are actually solid page format – so, not quite board book, and not quite regular pages.  This means they are easily held up to the screen a VIPKID instructor uses to do their instruction.  This ALSO means they are durable through MANY lessons.  WIN WIN!  With all of them, that’s at least 400 words to teach.  Brilliant.

The Dollhouse book contains both a book and the materials to actually construct a dollhouse, complete with characters and furniture!

This choice made sense to me after they explained it to me.  We have one of these and my children LOVED constructing it, (and reconstructing it when we moved) but I never considered that it would be PERFECT for doing instruction on FURNITURE!

Because you can actually construct the furniture and the people, they are easily held up to the screen, and used and reused.  The material used in this is durable too!

Victorian Dollhouse Usborne

I also know that as a teacher, it’s important to have variety and surprise.  Students love variety and knowing that you are a teacher who provides variety is key to keeping them excited.  Who knew you could actually hold up a couch?

If you’re interested in purchasing these for your in-home classroom, click here for the first words and here for the dollhouse book.  Of course you can always just use them for your own kids too! 🙂

I also welcome questions you may have about the options and website or affiliate link available to you when you join our literacy force as an Usborne Books & More consultant.

The 25% cash back is nice when you need a lot of teaching materials (with option to grow it to 33% cash back)!  Join us here to ask questions in a forum, or simply comment below and we’ll be in touch.

Happy reading!

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