My Fave Part of the Month

Recognizing teammates is hands down, by far, my favorite part of the month!  It’s when I get to recognize their work with Usborne Books & More for the previous month.  One of my friends is one of the hardest workers – she will do whatever it takes to meet her goals.  It’s amazing.  The other worked straight through Hurricane Irma even as it overtook her city in September.  Others took breaks for their family – sometimes we call this a pregnant pause, get it? – and I got to see them relearn some ropes and make some new connections.

It’s just so darn cool to watch teammates succeed.
Each one of these ladies, and even many not even pictured here, have incredible stories.

I’m also just amazed at the hurdles they’ve overcome.

I think of hurdles I had this past month and honestly many of them were mental.  I had just finished learning how to make a website! I felt like I earned a week off.  I also had so many ideas on how to serve my customers that I actually became even more overwhelmed.  So I narrowed my ideas down to the ones that will serve my customers best and make them happy.  I capped it off with a trip to the beach for leadership training.

September was a great month for making families and organizations BOOK HAPPY.

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